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Escape Room #1

Special Agent

Difficulty: Advanced

(easier version available for kids under 15)

As a group of elite special agents, you have been tasked with infiltrating an enemy data center to retrieve vital information. Once inside, you discover they knew you were coming, and have left you a “surprise”! You have 60 minutes to retrieve the data and escape before their devious trap puts an end to your mission, and your agents' lives!

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Escape Room #2

The Heist

Difficulty: Intermediate

(most common choice for first-time players)

You and your team have acquired the plans to rob a wealthy recluse, who has millions in priceless art and artifacts hidden in his mansion. Your job is to figure out the plans, deactivate all the security measures, and escape with the priceless artifacts he keeps in his private gallery.

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South Jersey's Best Escape Rooms

Escape Room #3

Pharaoh's Revenge

Difficulty: Advanced

*Special Escape Room Age Recommendation: 14 yrs & older

Your group of explorers have been excavating an ancient Egyptian tomb. Someone in your group as taken the wrong artifact and invoked the mummy's curse. Now you are trapped, and air is running out. You have 60 minutes to escape the tomb before you become the mummy's newest victims.

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Escape Room Reviews

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So much fun! A great girl’s night out! We all had a blast. Can’t wait to go back for the “Bank Heist”!
Stacy Ivins Tuttle, Facebook
A fun night out with friends! Do you think you can escape? Take the challenge!
Cory Skuce Arcaroli, Facebook
After going to many escape rooms, this one has got to be the best!!! Call me Special Agent Carson as that is the experience! So cool- you’ve gotta go. 60 minutes to get out- can you do it??
Ellen Klesmer Carson, Facebook
So much fun & a challenging experience!! I would definitely go back!! Book your Escape night soon!!
Jeanette Buonanno Huntington, Facebook
Working together at its finest!! Great experience with friends! Challenging but FUN!!!
Elsa Suarez-Anzideo, Facebook

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