Frequently Asked Questions

An escape room is a real live game, a fun interactive activity for you and your friends to enjoy. You will be locked in a specially designed room full of clues, puzzles and brainteasers. You will be given a back story and an objective, which you have to complete within one hour in order to escape.
No, you can leave at any time. However we suggest you stay and go through the whole experience, you won’t regret it.

There is no age limit, but it may be too challenging for kids under 10 without adults.

That is really up to you and your wits. You have 60 minutes. But if you solve the puzzles fast and work as a team you just might become a new record setter.
You don’t need to bring anything, except for yourself, your friends and a smile.
No, your personal belongings will be secured while you are in the room.
You can click on “Book Now” on our main page or click on “Schedule Your Escape” where you will see a booking calendar with available time slots and prices.
You do need to make your reservation online. However, if it’s too close to your preferred time slot please call us.
We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled time (does not apply to Private Parties). This is essential to everyone’s experience, especially if you have not reserved the entire room to yourselves! THE DOOR TO THE ROOM LOCKS EXACTLY AT THE TIME YOU SIGNED UP FOR (again, does not apply to Private Parties) You will not be permitted into the room if you are late. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS or RESCHEDULING IN THIS SCENARIO. Please account for the traffic.
Call us to make arrangements for any additional players.

We want our customers to enjoy their experience, but we reserve the right to deny access/service to anyone who is noticeably intoxicated or is acting overly disruptive and disrespectful.

Private Party FAQs

Email our wonderful schedulers at info@escaperoommarlton.com with as many details about your request as possible.
  1. Private parties get exclusive use of our facility.
  2. All of your rooms can start at the same time (especially useful if you have more than the max number of people for our biggest room – 10, or if you want to compete).
  3. We will open for you outside our normal business hours.
  4. You are allowed to bring outside food & drink for private parties 2 hours or longer.
You can make changes and reschedule up to a week before.
You don’t have the time slot reserved until you provide a payment method. Sorry! We have multiple inquiries about time slots and they go to the first group that officially reserves and pays.
Yes, but you must book a minimum of a 1 hour 2 room private party you must give a weeks’ notice for changes or cancellations because we need to block of bookings all around yours so the staggered times don’t overlap with the start and finish of your party.

No, you should bring all necessary refreshments and supplies for your party. Check our Corporate/Private Parties page for some nearby food options.

Other FAQs

If you reserve less than the full amount of spaces for the room, there is a very high chance you will be placed with other people in a session. But honestly, it is such a festive atmosphere, the more the merrier! To guarantee a room exclusively to yourselves, you need to buy all of the spots.
Yes… but only if you book the entire room. You can bring up to 1-4 extra people depending on the room. You simply reserve the room for the max # of people and pay for the extra guests at checkout or the day of the event at our location with credit card.
You can change or reschedule your reservations up to 24 hours before (up to one week for Private Parties). There are no changes or reschedulings within 24 hours.
One hour total with some time afterwards for pictures and other post game fun. Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your start time (does not apply to Private Parties)!! This is essential. When you arrive you will receive a quick briefing on the game. Then the fun begins! You will be placed in the room and will have 60 minutes to get out.
Nope. Just be willing to search for hidden clues and related items…and to use your brain! If you are really struggling, you may reach out to the Game Master to offer you a clue and get you moving in the right direction.
Kids actually love the game, but we do have some restrictions outlined below. They will not be able to do it all on their own but they sure are good at finding things and linking things together.

Anyone age 14 to 17 can participate alone with a waiver (provided by us) signed by a parent or guardian. This age group is perfectly suited for our games.

Ages 6 – 13 must have one participating paying adult per 4 children. Children 5 & under should not attend.

If you want to reserve more than one room with them starting at the same time during our normal business hours, the private party rates apply. You have to email us to set this one up because we need to block off rooms before and after your booking to ensure there are not others finishing a room when you want to start.
No! It is more like a live version of the board game Clue. You will be in a room that is theme-decorated and need to search the room for clues.
Wear anything you are comfortable in, but the most activity you will be engaging in may be squatting down or getting on your knees to look under or to get a closer look at something. If you wear reading glasses, it might be advisable to bring them.

Give us a call and we will try to figure out a time that would work for you and your group

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure your desired date and time are available. To add a reservation outside of our normal business hours. To be put on a wait list, email us with a contact number, number in your party, and dates/times.
No – and we love to do that for you or your special person. All you need to do is reserve a room entirely to yourselves (either 5, 6, 8 or 10 people depending on the room), and make a note in the comments section of your reservation. We will take care of the rest! If you want to put something physical in there (like a ring), either arrange to drop it off beforehand or slip it to one of our employees right before.
Yes, a reservation is necessary, but thankfully you can book online easily! Just click any of the ‘Book Now’ buttons
Tin Star Saloon is now accepting bookings!