Escape Rooms near Cherry Hill: Will You Escape these Amazing Rooms?2018-07-20T07:35:58-05:00

Escape Rooms: Will You Escape our Amazing Rooms?

An Amazing Puzzle in and Escape Room

An Amazing Escape, Minutes from Cherry Hill, New Jersey!

Located near Cherry Hill, our Escape Room is on Marlton Pike East (Rt. 70) in Marlton New Jersey. Escape Room Challenge is amazing and has a set of escape rooms for people of all ages to escape from. Our challenging escape rooms include Special Agent, The Heist, and Pharaoh’s Revenge. These escape rooms are filled with amazing & wonderful escape room puzzles that challenge your mind and test your escape room skills and are perfect for any amazing escape artist to attempt. All of our amazing rooms start off with great backstories that are perfect for getting your group fired up and ready to escape the room.

If you’re looking for an “Escape Room near me”, Escape Room Challenge near Cherry Hill is the number one escape room in the surrounding Cherry Hill area. We have five-star escape room reviews & amazing online testimonials that talk about the amazing room experience our visitors have! Our escape rooms are perfect for anyone looking for an amazingly fun time with the family or on vacation in or around the Cherry Hill New Jersey area. Our escape room experiences were priced at $44 per person, but are now just $28 to choose your escape room for an amazing experience. We offer escape room parties and corporate events for everyone. Our escape rooms are amazing, and are built for many different skills and for every player regardless of age. Our best advice is to communicate, think outside the box, listen carefully, work together, and believe your group can escape & will escape our amazing rooms! Give us a call or schedule your escape room today!

3 Rooms to Choose
10 People per Room
1 Hour to Escape!
Tin Star Saloon is now accepting bookings!