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#1 Escape Rooms in South Jersey

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Tin Star Saloon 

Difficulty: 7/10

60 Minutes

The Tin Star Saloon served the best Sarsaparilla on this side of the Mississippi, but it has fallen on hard times. Most folks have cleared out, and you know this is your last chance to find the secret recipe before the bandits ride in. You’re ready to head West, but make a quick stop in the saloon hoping you’ll find one last batch and save the recipe. Low on ammunition, and ill-prepared for a gun fight, you must be out of here before the bandits arrive in an hour!

Special Agent

Difficulty: 8/10

60 Minutes

(Easier version available for kids under 15)

As a group of elite special agents, you have been tasked with infiltrating an enemy data center to retrieve vital information. Once inside, you discover they knew you were coming, and have left you a “surprise”! You must retrieve the data & escape before their devious trap puts an end to your mission, and your agents’ lives.

South Jersey's Best Escape Rooms

Pharaoh’s Revenge

Difficulty: 7.5/10

60 Minutes

(Recommendation: 14 yrs & older)

Your group of explorers have been excavating an ancient Egyptian tomb. Someone in your group as taken the wrong artifact and invoked the mummy’s curse. Now you are trapped, and air is running out. You must escape the tomb before you become the mummy’s newest victims.



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We went as a family for winter break. We had 8 people ranging in age from 12 to 67. All had a great time and participated. Lots of great family fun and time together and we escaped with time to spare!

Heidi, Facebook

This place was Awesome! It was our first time and we had a blast!!! We did the heist room and were able to escape with 8:50 left on the clock. We will be back for sure.

Chris, Google

The staff were great. The room itself was also very creative. We found the puzzle to be a bit complicated, but hey that is what the clues are for. Overall a lot of fun and we will go there again.

Phillip, Facebook
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