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Pharaoh’s Revenge

Difficulty: Advanced

(Room Age Recommendation: 14 yrs & older)

Your group of explorers have been excavating an ancient Egyptian tomb. Someone in your group as taken the wrong artifact and invoked the mummy’s curse. Now you are trapped, and air is running out. You have 60 minutes to escape the tomb before you become the mummy’s newest victims.


As a courtesy to those who arrive 15 minutes early and start their experience on time any customer arriving more than 2 minutes after their scheduled escape room experience starts will not be permitted to enter an experience that has already begun. Instead, customer will be offered entry into the next available escape room or will be able to book for another date/time.

We have the right to combine participants with other groups to fill the rooms to capacity. No refunds will be given or reschedules allowed if you are not happy that you are working with other participants.

Escape Room Challenge as decided to temporarily close rather than risking our employees and costumers till COVID-19 pandemic subsides.
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